Enjoy Your Holidays Like Maharaja in Rajasthan Heritage Hotels

Enjoy Your Holidays Like Maharaja in Rajasthan Heritage Hotels

Rajasthan Heritage hospices are famed worldwide for the perfect mix of luxury andcomfort.These are the special kinds of hospices of Rajasthan where old palaces and havelis are converted into luxurious lodgment for excursionists.

lodgment and installations

of these hospices are notorious for traditional royal hospitality blended with ultramodern amenities. Scores of excursionists prefer to stay in these hospices during their Rajasthan Tour so that they can witness the opulent services and royal treatments.

These hospices recreate medieval splendor in their scenery, installations and style of serving their guestswhich provides an occasion to excursionists to witness the glamour of kingliness. Some of the most luxurious heritage hospices in Rajasthan are

Umaid Bhawan Palace is among the most famousRajasthan Heritage hospices located in Jodhpur. This palace is the last expression of kingly architectural circus which was erected between 1911- 47 by Maharaja Umaid Singh.

This palace is converted to hostel and notorious for its 347 air- conditioned apartments including suites. The puritanical influence mingled with subtle Rajasthani trends provides classiness to this hostel.

The decorated ceilings and the marble corridors is the most striking point of this luxuriant hostel. piecemeal from the luxurious services, state of art installations and superb hospitality make it one of utmost notorious hospices in India.

Lake Palace Hotel is the instantiation of the man- made wonder arising out of the azure water of Lake Pichola in the Udaipur. It’s among the most popular and most alluring Rajasthan hospices which was erected in 1746 by Maharana Jagat Singh II.

This hostel is the antonyms of luxury and comfort blended. It’s standard for the warm hospitality, world- class services, and Homeric installations. The majesty of this hostel lies in its Manak Mahal( Ruby Palace), Sheesh Mahal( Palace of glasses), Dilkusha Mahal'( Palace of Joy) and Chini Chitrashala.

Rambagh Palace

is one of the finest hospices in Jaipur which was erected as hunting lodge in 1835. latterly it’s converted to heritage hostel which becomes the antonyms of luxurious hospitality.

This hostel is spread over an area of 47 acres and known for its 106 well equipped apartments with all the ultramodern installations. The design, decorations and services of this hostel reminds the glory of royal period of yesterdays.

Ajit Bhawan Hotel in Jodhpur and Devigarh Palace Hotel in Udaipur are two other most notorious Rajasthan Heritage hospices which are known worldwide for their grand beauty, royal services, state of art installations and warm hospitality.

These two hospices showcase the majesty of kingliness which provides a chance for excursionists to live royal life during their stay in these hospices.

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